Amidst turbulent events in the world, our country Ukraine is still in a war, fighting for its independence and security. In this time, it is important to come together and focus on prayer for victory in the war, for the soldiers, and for those who need healing from illness.

New Generation Church, known for its effective worship services, built a stadium in Warsaw for the Victorious Prayer. Every year, thousands of believers gathered on the largest areas in Ukraine to pray together and support the Ukrainian people. The last time, 27,000 people were gathered. But this year, due to the difficult situation in the country, the prayer was held in Warsaw on a stadium, where more than 2,500 believers gathered.

This was not just an ordinary worship service, but a prayer for peace and victory in our country. Prayer was offered for the soldiers fighting for Ukraine, as well as for those who need healing from illness and protection from any troubles.

The prayer was led by Bishop of New Generation Church Andriy Tyshchenko and his son Anton Tyshchenko. During the worship service, many people repented and received spiritual support.

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