The worship in Zaprudky

The village of Zaprudka in the Kyiv region. The Russian military moved through this village in the direction of Kyiv.
Another day with the gospel on my lips. With the Lord every day is full of hope and faith in the victory of our country. The word is incredibly supportive, so we continue to share it with everyone in need.
The guest of the first service, Pastor Lauren Kennedy (Ohio, USA), shared God’s Word. Many people have received hope and support through the Word, it is a blessed time for all of us.

If you want to support people who stumbled in critical situations while the war, you can use next payment details:

  • PrivatBank card $
    4627 0551 0096 4203
  • PrivatBank card €
    5218 5722 2217 0842
  • PrivatBank card ₴
    5523 2458 0021 6143

Recipient: Andrii Tyshchenko