Ukrainians are brave and beautiful!

For six months now, Ukraine as a single coordinated mechanism has courageously resisted the full-scale invasion of the army of the Russian Federation. We fight together against the enemy. During this time, the needs of our defenders are only growing. Therefore the fighting is becoming more and more fierce and requires maximum material and technical support. We don’t stop!

The association of churches “New Generation” in Ukraine is sending tons of humanitarian aid to the war, loading cars carrying food, medicine, ammunition, quadcopters and thermal imagers. For the needs of the Armed Forces, the 20th vehicle was sent to places where active hostilities are ongoing. Another day was spent with the military and the Gospel on lips.  Every day is full of hope and faith with God. Bible and prayer gives incredible support, so we continue to fight spiritually for the victory of our country. Thank You, Lord!

If you want to support people who stumbled in critical situations while the war, you can use next payment details:

PrivatBank card $ 4627 0551 0096 4203

PrivatBank card € 5218 5722 2217 0842

PrivatBank card ₴ 5523 2458 0021 6143


Recipient: Andrii Tyshchenko