God, I pray for Ukraine

Avdiyivka. The city practically died out – the coke-chemical plant stopped working, doctors left en masse, there is no electricity, water, or gas in the city, communication disappears, people are afraid to move through the streets and live in bomb shelters for months.

The workers found themselves under enemy fire after their work shift. At least 15 dead and 20 wounded – these are the consequences of the shelling by the Russian occupiers of the Avdiiv Coke Chemical Plant. The shelling by Russian troops took place at 17:20. A bus carrying workers of the Avdiiv Coke Plant was fired upon.

On this day, we prayed together with the defenders, we prayed for peace in Ukraine. Medicines, food and strawberries were brought so that the boys could eat even on the front line. The Lord’s hand leads each of us to fulfill a certain mission. Many thanks to God for this day, victory to Him!

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