“Ambulance” for the Armed Forces

As part of the humanitarian aid from the New Generation Christian Church, an ambulance was donated for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Mercedes car has a high passability, the appropriate level of protection and equipment needed to save lives in combat.

“We understand that every minute on the front line can cost lives, so it is important that medics can evacuate the wounded from the war zone as soon as possible and provide them with the necessary assistance,” said Andriy Tyshchenko.

If you want to support people with us at once, if you stumbled in a critical camp in the combat zone, below are the coordinates, for which you can turn around:

  • PrivatBank card $
    4627 0551 0096 4203
  • PrivatBank card €
    5218 5722 2217 0842
  • PrivatBank card ₴
    5523 2458 0021 6143

PayPal: pastor.1965@yahoo.com