Kukhari – Kyiv region

After the armed aggression of the Russian army, the village of Kukhari near Kyiv was destroyed by 80%. The Russian military lived in the countryside for three weeks until they were driven out by the Ukrainian army. Enemy artillery shelling and heavy airstrikes soon broke out, effectively destroying the village. Entire streets in Kukhary near Kyiv simply burned down, and the funnels from the bombs are 6-7 meters.
Locals have experienced a lot of horrors, they say they survived because they prayed. People really need help. We prayed together. The Lord gives inspiration and strength. People’s souls are opened and they listen to the Word of God with joy. God, thank you! Victory from You.

Many thanks to everyone who supports Ukraine! We continue to help the needy, those affected by Russian aggression
If you want to support people with us who are in a critical situation in the war zone, here are the coordinates you can contact:

  • PrivatBank card $
    4627 0551 0096 4203
  • PrivatBank card ₴
    5523 2458 0021 6143
  • PrivatBank card €
    5218 5722 2217 0842

PayPal: pastor.1965@yahoo.com

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