Church History

The New Generation is a global Christian movement that unites more than 400 communities in Western and Eastern Europe, as well as the United States. The main church of the movement, headed by the apostle Alexei Ledyaev, is located in Riga (Latvia).

The New Generation movement has a single strategy and goal – to approve the laws and principles recorded in the Bible in all areas of life – in the media, culture, education, business, and the like. Therefore, the “New Generation” closely cooperates with the leaders of other churches, political leaders who are aware of the importance of establishing Divine principles in all spheres of life.

The birth of the New Generation Church was not easy. This was preceded by a story that largely reflects the life story of pastor Alexei Ledyaev himself. At the end of the 80s. 20th century pastor Alexey served in the Baptist church. But, having survived the baptism with the Holy Spirit, he and his wife and like-minded people migrated to the Pentecostal Church, in which the musician and preacher served.

The ministry of Alexei quickly brought fame and popularity to the Church, at the same time the number of its parishioners increased. When the pastor of this church, Nikolai Shevchuk, emigrated to America, A. Ledyaev was elected to his place by a majority of votes. Over time, the Lutheran Church, within the walls of which the Pentecostals conducted services, closed its doors to them. During the year, A. Ledyaev continued his ministry, standing on the steps of the Lutheran church, and did it in heat and cold, in rain and frost. People in this difficult time, as never before, were united by the spirit of faith.

Being a “Church on the stairs”, they managed to organize the largest evangelistic campaign in the Baltics at the Sports House. But at the end I had to return to the stairs again. Later, the services were held in a tent, which was presented to the residents of Riga by Norwegian friends. But, at the same time, the holiday at the Sports House became a kind of signal for demarcation. The bishops of the Pentecostal brotherhood saw in the ministries of the Church, which was led by Alexey Ledyaev, a direct threat to their ideology. Therefore, the Church was divided into two camps – the old generation and the new.

Bishop Vasily Boechko put an end to their confrontation, which removed Alexei from pastoral service for deviating from standard religious rules (this happened on 11/5/1989). Then the supporters and followers of pastor Alexei, having gained independence, created a new community. This is how the New Generation Church was born.

The stages of the further activity of the Church are reminiscent of a difficult ascent to the heights. An explosive effect was produced on the Christian world by the work of A. Ledyaev “The New World Order”. For some of them, the strategic doctrine of the author of the book served as a signal to retreat, while for others it became a breath of fresh air, an incentive to establish the true values of Christianity on Earth.

Every year the number of Christian denominations increased, with which the New Generation movement established spiritual communion. His most fruitful collaboration is currently with the “Global Pastoral Network”, which is headed by well-known Christian figures John Maxwell and James Davis.

Responding to accusations of the authoritarian style of leadership of the New Generation community, A. Ledyaev says that he, being a disciplined and organized person, demands the same from those around him. And in the New Generation, it is not the pastor’s ambitions that are defended, but his revelations, which determine the course of the Church.

As a Christian leader of a new type, A. Ledyaev is known in many countries of the world. He often visits various international religious forums and has constant contacts with many religious leaders. Only Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan closed his entry to them.

At present, the New Generation Church is a fairly branched and active organization. “New generation” in Ukraine.

In 1989, when pastor Alexei Ledyaev began to travel abroad, in particular to the CIS countries, and preach, soon new communities of the New Generation movement began to open here. Interest in the New Generation movement also grew in Ukraine. In 1996, a significant number of communities from the Pentecostal communities came under the patronage of St. Alexei Ledyaev. From that time on, annual conferences began to be held in large cities of Ukraine, in which up to 15,000 Christians participated. In December 2006, the State Department for Religious Affairs of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine registered the Religious Administration of Evangelical Christians of the New Generation Ukrainian Christian Church, which is the highest level of registration of denominations that can exist in Ukraine.

As of today, there are 390 registered communities in Ukraine that are members of the New Generation movement. In Kyiv, Zaporozhye, Donetsk, Kharkov, Mariupol, Dnepropetrovsk, Sevastopol, Zhitomir, Kirovograd, Poltava, Kherson, Odessa, Nikolaev, as well as in many small towns. The movement is growing rapidly. It already has about 25,000 parishioners.

The New Generation Church finds understanding with a number of charismatic communities operating in Ukraine. Preaching a positive Christian ideology, the “New Generation” more than once became the initiator of various protests. In particular, speaking out against the legalization of homosexual marriages, for the stability of the Christian foundations of marriage, the New Generation societies hold Family Holidays in different cities of the country, which is a serious confirmation of the Church’s intentions to introduce Christian moral principles in various areas of public life.

Ukraine has an extensive and growing network of New Generation churches. Andrey Tishchenko, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Bachelor of Theology, is the senior bishop of the New Generation UCC. He is also the pastor of the community in the city of Kharkov and in the Dnepropetrovsk city of Pershotravensk. Recently, about 10% of the city’s residents have attended New Generation services.

For the first time, the New Generation Church was registered in Ukraine as a religious organization in the city of Marganets, Dnepropetrovsk region. Viktor Garbuzyuk became its pastor. In Pershotravensk in 1990. The church “World of Peace” was formed, which was formed by people from the Pentecostal church in Pavlograd. An interesting fact is that there was not a single Christian church in this city before. On Christmas Day 1991, the first evangelistic service was held in the city.Since then, the pastor of the Pentecostal church in Pavlograd, A. Tishchenko, has been conducting Sunday services in the cinema hall of the Miners’ Palace of Culture, and his wife, Irina Tishchenko, has run a Sunday school for children. The number of believers at present does not exceed 50 people. Since 1992, A. Tishchenko has been appointed pastor of the church in Pershotravensk.

The church is growing rapidly (in 1993 – 280 people), home groups are starting to work. There is a distribution of believers into hundreds. Since 1993, the first charismatic spouses have been getting married in the church. From about the same time, the influence of the ideas of A. Ledyaev gradually increased among the faithful of this church.

In recent years, the New Generation religious brand has gained authority, in particular among the population of eastern Ukraine. More and more local churches wanted to formalize their affiliation with him. So, in 2002, by the decision of believers, the charismatic church “World of Peace” passed the official state re-registration and received the legal name of the Religious Community “New Generation” and became under the spiritual and doctrinal guardianship of the Latvian charismatic church “New Generation” in the person of Apostle A. Ledyaev. Churches of the “New Generation” in Ukraine today use the doctrine (“independent theology”) of the Apostle A.

Ledyaev, while recognizing the need for systematic training and development of their own theology. The number of faithful exceeded 1500 people.

In 2003, the New Generation Church was opened in Kharkov. Today, more than 1,500 people visit it every Sunday. The church enjoys prestige among the inhabitants of the city due to its charitable projects and active citizenship.

On October 31, 2006, the Spiritual Administration of Evangelical Christians of the New Generation Ukrainian Christian Church was registered, which marked its official recognition at the legislative level in the confessional field of the state.

A. Tishchenko was elected chairman of the associations of churches “New Generation” in Ukraine. As of June 2021, there are about 400 local churches under the care of the bishop.

Members of the Church take an active part in the social and political life of the country, which is provided for by the charters of their communities, carrying out versatile charitable activities, pay attention to vulnerable sections of the population and overcoming such social pathologies as alcohol and drug addiction, etc.

Today, the New Generation, under the leadership of Senior Bishop A. Tishchenko, maintains a high growth rate, develops its activity, in which evangelistic and social, political and economic activities are closely intertwined. There is an active involvement of representatives of the Church in almost all spheres of public life in Ukraine, evolving towards further involvement in the existing socio-political context.

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